MARITIM 10x6M FJB black 300Wp

Elegant black look with low-reflection coating


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DAS Energy PV modules can be glued directly to the surface or sewn into fabric/canvas/bimini.

For a professional PV installation in the maritime sector, we recommend our shipyard partner Pro Yachting.

This ensures that the PV modules are installed professionally and expertly.

ProYachting Marine Handels GbmH
Johannes-Gutenbergstraße 5, 2700 Wr. Neustadt

+43 (0)650 815 04 01


The 10x6M Black module was specially developed for use in mobile applications in the maritime sector. These modules are equipped with 60 monocrystalline cells and achieve an output of 300 watts peak (Wp).



Data sheet MARITIME applications (PDF)
Installation instructions DAS Energy Module (PDF)

Weight 6.7 kg
Size 1756 × 1020 mm


The technology used was developed by the Austrian photovoltaic manufacturer DAS Energy in Wiener Neustadt and essentially consists of the proprietary fiber-reinforced plastic core (prepreg). This layer is located above and below the cell and is mainly responsible for the flexibility and stability of the DAS Energy module. Monocrystalline cells are used. Further information on request.

DAS Energy modules can be glued to a smooth surface. The modules can also be attached using magnets and quick-release systems, as with the DAS Energy balcony power plant. With the golf cart PV roof, the module is attached to the roof of the golf cart using double-sided adhesive tape and screws.

As with conventional modules, shading should be avoided. Should shading nevertheless occur, all modules have bypass diodes that disconnect the shaded parts of the module to minimize yield losses. 

Shading should be avoided at all costs with balcony power plants, as the module will not provide any power if it is shaded. Before purchasing a balcony power plant, it is therefore essential to check whether shading (e.g. from trees, house walls, etc.) could affect the performance of the module. 

The purchased modules can be returned in their original packaging within 14 days at your own expense or directly to the store upon presentation of the original invoice receipt. Refunds will normally be madewithin one week.

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